Opportunity / 10 Jan 2020

Open Call Noorderlicht International Fotofestival 2020

Generation Z: On the verge of a new alphabet

Generation Z is about realising a turning point, about creating a basis for a new future, and about taking responsibility. It is about an activist struggle against the system of the past and putting new ideas into practice. Generation Z in this story is the personification of a change in thinking and acting, in which all generations will have to participate. The protagonist of the last and the first hour. It is the prelude to a new alphabet.


Collective movement

In order to sketch a view of the processes that are going on, the festival not only wish to appeal to photographers and artists belonging to Generation Z. In keeping with the spirit of the subject is a collective movement. Everyone is welcome to contribute to addressing and refining the subjects that deserve our attention: all generations, individuals as well as collectives. This also applies if your opinion differs from the one outlined above, or if you feel that other elements of the story or other existential needs should come to the fore. They, therefore, call upon everyone – even if this is the first time you wish to send something into an Open Call, or if your practice goes beyond photography – to push your boundaries literally and figuratively.


Generation Z is compiled by guest-curator Robert Jan Verhagen in close consultation with the team of Noorderlicht. The festival will include a mix of own research and submissions. Noorderlicht welcomes proposals from photographers, lens-based artists and curators from all parts of the world. Art forms relating to photography, such as digital media, video or VR, are also specifically requested, as is work in which photography enters into a dialogue with all other conceivable types of media.


Proposals can be submitted until 20 February 2020.

Guidelines for submissions

Submissions for the open call are free of charge. Selected artists receive compensation in accordance with the Dutch guidelines for artists’ fees for group exhibitions. Noorderlicht subscribes to the Fair Practice Code for work in art, culture and creative industries.

Submissions can be sent to pandora@noorderlicht.com. They request that you send large files via a file transfer service, such as WeTransfer. Submissions must contain visual material in the form of separate JPG image files with a breadth of at least 1500 pixels, a clear description of the project plus a synopsis of ± 100-150 words, why you think it fits the theme, a CV, a short bio, and any additional background information where required. Videos must be submitted in full length in a preview format, compressed and no more than HD resolution. If possible, please provide examples of previous exhibitions and installations of the submitted proposal or similar presentations of your work.

Before submitting your entry, please read the Exhibition FAQ for information about the selection procedure and the terms and conditions regarding the production of your work. Entrants will first receive a confirmation of receipt followed by news of the selections at a later stage. For questions about your submission, please contact Robert Jan Verhagen: robertjan@noorderlicht.com.

The Noorderlicht Festival

Generation Z is the 27th edition of the Noorderlicht International Photography Festival and takes place from 20 June until 20 September 2020. Museum Belvédère in Heerenveen is both partner and the main location, complemented by locations in Heerenveen and Leeuwarden.

Noorderlicht is an international platform for artists who use photography and adjoining media in all its stories, forms and changes to portray their engagement with society.

for more information, please got to www.noorderlicht.com